If I may I would like to pose a question to readers?

“If you are asked to participate in another discussion or read an article on the subject of Generation Y would you?

  1. Go out to the street and scream?
  2. Throw something at your computer?
  3. Consider “finding” yourself and go to live on a hippy commune?
  4. Other?

In my case I will stop /terminate any proposed discussion that someone may want wish to start and with regard to emails or hard copy banish them from my sight immediately.

Using the famous call to action used by the late great Gough Whitlam, “It’s Time”

Although I may be a bit flippant in my above approach to this subject, I am perfectly serious on wanting us to conclude this seemingly never ending debate.  It really is time to move on and rather than concentrate on hearing war story after war story we need to get down to the business of creating some sort of vision for the management of people issues in the workplace.

There can be no doubt we are living in unstable times including in the business world but it is futile to imagine we can throw our heads under the duvet and ignore the obvious changing dynamics that are occurring. The bigger picture revolves around  a whole raft of issues which need our urgent attention rather keep focusing on one aspect of the challenges we face.

Ken Wood

Aged 62

* The New Age Workforce- Means Everybody