In a series of recent blog posts I have placed a great deal of emphasis on the need for organisations to amend their respective strategies with regard to improving engagement with employees.
Whilst I still maintain this is critical I also believe it is pertinent to ask the question “What is the individual doing about their own behaviour and state of mind”? In other words how do we help ourselves?
Australians the world over have a reputation of approaching life with a positive attitude, accepting challenges no matter the consequences and always with a sense of depreciating humour.
Our reality today we are experiencing tough times across society and the result being we are reacting badly to absorbing these new pressures with a loss of the stoicism we once fiercely displayed and a growing sense of negative sentiment.
It is though we are living through a period of the reverse of that famous speech by J.F.Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” Whether you accept this premise it does not really matter, our adjustment to the new reality is no longer optional.
The very idea that our personal positions are solely the responsibility of companies or government does not represent our true position and quite frankly see’s us chasing rainbows. I am fully aware this is rather an incendiary subject but it is a conversation we have to have with ourselves.
The examination of perspective is necessary to identify what we can do to make lives including our work more meaningful and fulfilling. How can we adopt a more optimistic and realistic attitude even in the most challenging of circumstances? One must acknowledge there will always be people who need our support but for the vast majority of us can make a change.
The above may appear trite and harsh to some but my personal experience tells me for those who have truthfully re-evaluated their outlook to life and how this can affect people around them has benefited them greatly.
It would be foolish to think such a single advocate for this change such as myself can convince the population to heed this call, it can only gather momentum if the individual “steps up to the plate” and others follow.
This is not a difficult thing to do, talk to a trusted friend for feedback or a professional you may be surprised how it can give you a lift and assist you to break out of this self- defeating cycle.

Ken Wood
People Specialist
8th September 2015