Last week Seek Learning in Australia released some survey results regarding career and people intentions. The population sample was just under a thousand people.

Almost fifty percent replied that they were unhappy in their choice of career or job and forty percent signalled their intentions to seek alternative employment within a two year time frame.

I have to be honest it confirmed what I have been thinking for some time that we have serious issues that urgently need attention.

I would like to pose the following questions:

  1. Is this just a phase which will pass once the economy recovers and we have a more stable environment or is it a deep structural problem?
  1. Can we put this down to many other structural changes in our society that have occurred throughout history?
  1. Does the constant squabbling of our nation’s leaders drain our confidence in the workplace?
  1. Are we working hard enough to develop sustainable great cultures in our companies and organisations to keep people engaged and motivated?
  1. Is the emphasis on Leadership development going to help to assist the situation?
  1. Has a proportion of business decided it is just “too hard “and let the changes wash over them and hope they will come out unscathed out at the other end?
  1. Have our expectations become so far out of kilter that we are incapable of determining what is fair and affordable?

I can only speak from my experiences, I have recently extended my services to include recruitment and career support and have been inundated with requests for assistance concluding that there is a lot of unhappy and unmotivated people out there in the marketplace. Additionally when I conducted some similar research on management development albeit on a smaller scale the replies were of a negative outlook..

It would be churlish to dismiss the efforts of some individuals and organisations to solve these problems but in my mind the current path we are on does not augur well for any parties,

These are complex issues which cannot be solved overnight but we as Australians have developed a habit of ducking issues which are staring us in the face. From the above evidence we are falling way short of what is required to really tackle this situation as the consequences of non action will definitely hurt us at some point.

I would be very interested in the thoughts of others on this subject?