Snapshot-1-15-12-2014-11-34-AMIt would not have escaped anyone’s notice, we are witnessing extreme political instability within Australia which undoubtedly is having an effect on the confidence of the nation. Politicians squabbling amongst themselves while “Rome burns”, the airwaves are filled with meaningless rhetoric about how they are going to fix the situation.
In times like these has it never occurred to us the groups of people such as managers in business who may be responsible for a number of employees, how do they cope with an environment where people under their direction may be somewhat unstable and demotivated due to the ongoing situation.

This a theme I have talked about repeatedly over the past year or two and my continued research tells me we have not given it enough attention it deserves. Remember some of the managers of which I speak have no real experience in dealing with some of the workplace issues they are dealing with today. Regardless of all the “noise” that is generated business and people still need to function on a daily basis, the question being “What are we doing to assist them in guiding them through the challenges they are facing”?

To my mind we are reverting back to “She’ll be right mate”, which we well know is complete nonsense and sooner or later will have serious consequences for all business if not acted upon.
Organisations need to remind themselves they are the key link to their people and how they perform is pivotal to future prosperity.

Ken Wood
People Interventionist
7th April 2015