I am sure I am not alone in attempting to gaze into a crystal ball for what might be our fortunes in 2015.

Is there someone or something that can be added to make our lives brighter this year including restoring confidence? So in the spirit of the season (with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek but with a twist) let’s examine possible candidates and choices?

First off the rank might someone like  the fabled  “Pied Piper of Hamlyn “ who drove all the rats out of the town of Hamlyn only to show later he could not be trusted by trying to blackmail the people. If only we could find an honest “Pied Piper “but alas there is no one that comes to mind who is living, JFK, Churchill or even Whitlam might have been good candidates (my apologies to those right wingers who maintain he was reckless).

Could we possibly consider our much criticised “pollies” those fearless men and women who we once thought would lead us out of the wilderness to the Promised Land? I am afraid not, they seem to have adopted the collective personas of Nero, who as you may know played his fiddle as Rome burned, so they are a non-starter.

Someone has just whispered in my ear that the people that can help us are those friendly people involved in the “The financial markets”.  Who I am assured are totally trustworthy and have a great track record in helping people in need. Problem being I don’t have any personal contacts they seem to me to be rather faceless and hard to locate in times of distress.

Another source suggested we might need here is some radical, innovative action and as I have heard it called “out of the box “thinking. Let’s get a group of people together talk about the term Leadership promote it till the cows come home then agree to meet at some date in the future, say this time next year, I am sure that we can present a list of ideas for consideration.

As I mentioned earlier in this rather satirical piece there is a twist.

Joking aside I have been active in thinking about the upcoming year and how we can generate some positivity in our lives. I have to admit I have come up short in finding a definitive answer until the following happened.

My eureka moment arrived courtesy of an old gentleman I met over the holidays when walking my dog in the national park near my home. We bumped into each other on a track exchanged pleasantries and started chatting. In the course of the conversation I revealed to him my search (By the way if anyone may question if this is contrived you would be wrong, it actually happened).

What the old man said (his name is Tom) was priceless. Quoting his words here is what Tom said:

“The way I see it, society has worked itself into a position where our expectations cannot be possibly be met; we have absolved ourselves totally from responsibility why this has happened; sure we were happy to take all the material benefits when things were good but have turned our back on how we might fix it. I see no person or persons currently in authority on the horizon capable of rising to accept the challenge.

The only way we can turn this around is by individuals taking stock, realising what we have and in their sphere of influence do what they can to project a positive image and rebuild confidence in Australia and its citizens”.

Postscript to this story, Tom and I (a retired gardener) will try to meet on occasions for coffee, I am sure he can teach me a lot about common sense.

It is amazing what a simple walk in the park can uncover.

Happy 2015 and hope you have a great year.

Ken Wood