Update Banyan Management

Hello to my Contacts/Clients/Friends.

I hope 2017 has started well for you?

As has been my practice in previous years I try not to overload my contacts with endless emails but thought it might be good to update you on my activities.

My company Banyan Management has had a challenging year as I suspect was the case for many but managed to achieve several major objectives.

1 In late 2016 I released a new website

www.banyanmanagement.com.au, this after a review to ensure the services I offer are relevant to the needs of business in today’s environment.

Management Development
People skills (readiness for work)
Public speaking (focusing on helping companies to manage change)

2 I commenced a research study on the effects of change in business collaborating with clients and academic institutions in trying to find better solutions to productive interpersonal relations within organisations.

The research study has been successfully completed and I am keen to put the findings into practice.

3 Collaborated with Flinders University, assisting start- up companies in a mentoring capacity.Project managed a group of nine business graduates with a real life client case to a succcesful outcome,
Delivered sessions on business subjects such as teamwork, workplace practices and readiness for work. Assisted two faculties with the observation and assessment of 200 student’s regarding improvement of presentation skills.

Consequently following the above, I am returning to the day to day activity of assisting individuals, companies and organisations resolve workplace issues.

Following my experiences and knowledge gained in 2016, I am even more convinced that further contributions from experienced practitioners such as myself and others are vitally important to support business in the next few years as the rapid pace of change continues.

This my heartland and I am confident of achieving great results.

I am extremely passionate about obtaining results in the workplace with a proven track record throughout my career.

My services are delivered with a practical and flexible approach to workplace issues as well as a sense of humour but always with an eye on the rapidly and complex environment we now live in.

“People” have always been the centre of my activities and always will be.

Making the tough decisive decisions has been a key, handling transformation and disruption with a minimum of conflict has been the key to my success.

The intention of my post is to make it known that I am available for short term or long term projects anywhere in Australia.

Temporary relocation is not a problem as this is something I have been doing throughout my career.

The employment arrangement does not have to be under the banner of my company Banyan. Alternative arrangements are welcome and will be considered.

If you feel your organisation has a workplace issue that is inhibiting your business and needs to be tackled and resolved please contact me.

“Sometimes without arrogance, we need to promote our skills to make a contribution”

Ken Wood
People Specialist
Email: ken.wood@banyansa.com.au
Mobile: 0408811799
Website: banyanmanagement.com.au