I am about to commit the cardinal sin of mixing business and politics I make no apologies to this as it is fundamental to my work in searching for answers how as a nation we try and restore engagement in our workplaces. So here we go. This week we have seen acts from the major parties of possible criminal behaviour together with a level of arrogance shown by a senior government minister of outrageous, proportions, it beggars belief.

Having been involved over the last two years talking to a plethora of people in the workplace to search for answers , one cannot image how much damage can be done in terms of attitudes and breaking down of trust. Every time one of these events occur It chips away at the ongoing confidence that business is trying to rebuild with its people following a period of instability caused by a series of external and internal events.
It is hard enough to establish a platform of leadership when the rug is pulled from under you. My experience tells me this really makes the CEO’s job so much harder in achieving any sustainable results in this area.
For people in business education it is incumbent we focus our efforts in assisting companies how to deal with these unfortunate recurring situations which are seemingly out of their direct control.
Ken Wood
People Specialist