NST-LOGO-WEB-UPDATE-2014-300x168This week the predictable thing to do was to write a blog about last weekend’s election but I  decided I will leave that to the many commentators who are far more qualified to perform that function than I except to say it follows a pattern I have spoken about in my previous blogs.

Rather I would like to follow the line of trying to figure how we look for ways to abort or even slow down what we are witnessing across countries such as the UK, America and now here in Australia.

If we look at the key elements that make up our society they  are:

Our Political System, Academia & Education, Institutions & Business

Al four have come under attack from various quarters in a manner we have rarely seen in our history undermining the balance we have held so dear since western settlement was established in the 1700’s. So what has caused this dramatic fragmentation, in my opinion it is quite simple; the perception by population’s that there has occurred a major breach of Trust.

Before we go lashing out who we feel is responsible for the failings of the above I think it is prudent to examine our own individual behaviours which if we honestly hold ourselves to account we fail on several levels.

If we examine the “golden age “of the last twenty years the largesse of riches that have flooded our way probably is unable to be matched by many other countries. In this race to elevate our personal living standards we have forgotten to consider the middle and lower end of our societies who have been somewhat left behind.

We stand accused of superficial bellicose behaviour in championing our beloved country at the expense of truly fixing flaws in our own backyard.

Some of the more negative aspects of Globilisation and seismic collapses of global financial systems have tested the patience of people of mature western nations and as we can see are reacting in a very fervent manner.

Why is this happening now, they have the means to communicate their respective anger, through social media and other available sources. Whether readers consider this a positive development or a cause and effect to what we are experiencing is for them to decide. The truth is Pandora’s Box has been opened seemingly never to return to previous comfortable times the spectre of over expectation is obviously at play, we are failing to cope with the prospect of austere circumstances and showing our displeasure.

We seem to be blind in our ability to find the right blend of leadership required (not only from politicians) to go some way to addressing the issue.

The principle of trust has and will continue to take a fearful meeting unless we take some time to rebuild and find a workable solution how we intend to live into the future. Maybe we have come so far down the track  that the concept of trust is not realistic anymore, personally  I do express these thoughts sanctimoniously  or with rose coloured glasses quite the contrary  but  I can’t accept this line of thought although  we all should not underestimate the depth of the  problem that confronts us.

It will come down to our willingness to recognise and accept the current turmoil can only lead to the further erosion of the human spirit in our country and beyond.

People Specialist

Ken Wood

5th July 2016