Tolerance-taking a breath

It is traditional at the start of every year for people to make an assessment of their respective goals, I am no different.

To perform this task I decided to go back to last year and analyse what I had heard from the people I have mentored or come into contact with. This would enable me to form meaningfully goals to address key issues which I believe I can have an input.

One of the main themes that clearly comes out of that study, is Australians have become increasingly intolerant of other people’s opposing views to theirs. Sounds harsh but it appears true. As a society widely known for this strength is it something we should be concerned.

No one should deny healthy debate is not good for our society the pros and cons of most issues should be discussed.

What we are developing is an ugly atmosphere of intolerance and in some cases bullying and mob mentality. This is not confined to one sector of our society but across the spectrum.

It would be easy to blame the growing social media for the problem or our politicians, I believe there is a range of factors how we have got to this situation.

This post is not intended to be a “bleeding hearts” post just an observation. Perhaps we have set out on a course which cannot be altered and this is a reflection of the modern world?

It is up to the individual to make up his or her mind whether they find this trend acceptable and set their own goals to find a better balance towards tolerance of other people’s views.