Time for a reality check?

The other day I came across a comment from a LinkedIn contributor regarding “whinging Poms”, albeit it may have been tongue in cheek I would suggest the gentleman looks a little closer to home. There is no doubt we are very close to the summit of that title.

We have enough problems of our own without including the “poms” who devote less time than is imagined to our affairs.

Energies need to be about progressing our nation rather than regurgitating old out of date beliefs. Outside our own borders they are now looking at us and saying ” What have they got to complain about, we would give our eye teeth to be living there!”

This is particularly the case of South Australia if we are to build a stronger state. It is well over, time to contribute not continuing to massively whinge, which we do on a daily basis.

I can think of no better time than on the eve of Australia Day to start focusing what we have to do to improve our state and country.