baby-and-bathwaterToday I was reading yet another report about the changing face of employment and how CEO’s and Leaders will need to adjust to these ever changing times; it struck me perhaps we need to be a little more mindful how we tackle this phenomenon  with the decision- makers within our organisations.

It you are a decision –maker in an organisation by reading some of this material you may find yourself in a state of hysteria and panic how you may handle this situation in the future, there are a number of dark messages being purveyed, about the possible outcomes how it may affect your company.

For the SME adopting a Google type engagement plan is both unrealistic and fanciful, it has to fit into the size of the workforce and possible resources both financially and physically. Marrying the experience of its leader together with introduction of some new thinking and perspectives should be the aim without scaring them about the possible consequences of imminent change. For the larger business it could involve taking existing practices and adding new thought processes for their particular business, one size does not fit all in these cases.

It has been proven time and again that business will weather the storm albeit the landscape will be different, working to obtain the “best fit” will always come out on top.

It would seem very unwise to ignore every thing that has gone before us parts of which could be used in our new future.


Ken Wood

Engagement Specialist