As yet another year almost comes to a close I normally take time to reflect on the successes and failures of my business and start planning for the future hoping that the strategies I intend to employ are workable.

This year rather than concentrate on my own affairs I have decided to cast aside personal matters throw caution to the wind and make a plea to where ever this communication reaches.  As it is a period of hopefully joy and happiness it takes the form of three wishes.

Here goes:

  1.  I wish over the holidays the people who represent us from Washington, London and Canberra  look at their respective actions and motives  and come to the conclusion it is time to lead us out of this barren wilderness, to a place where stability and meaning returns to people’s lives.
  1.  I wish for the realisation by the  older generations that their legacy should not be tarnished by the refusal to transition leadership to their younger counterparts, they have such a contribution to make  leading up to 2023*
  1. I wish for the younger generations do not place their total faith in technology, it is not the complete answer, work on your relationships whoever they may be with this will always benefit you.

Have a great holiday and break wherever you are!


Ken Wood

People Interventionist

*2023– Represents the final year” my” generation “The Baby –Boomers” are scheduled to leave the workplace.