The Uber Experience

Recently I posted an article on LinkedIn ( “We Don’t’ Talk Anymore”) about how we have moved away from face to face conversations to online dialogue with possible consequences for our society.
Building on my argument I decided to engage in a bit of a social experiment, I became an Uber driver for a period to see if I could capture the mood of people as I had indicated in my original article.

I must point out one will not scale the heights of an Elon Musk or a Mark Zuckerberg in terms of financial reward but believe me it reveals much more about how people feel about their work and lives today.

It was not a case of me manipulating the conversation to my point of view or interest any specific subject just a wide range of people expressing themselves openly and freely.

From lawyers, engineers, an actress and various students’ just ordinary people, within our community for me, it was a great privilege to hear about their lives including achievements and frustrations.

What came across we have some seriously talented people in the state some have optimism others feeling the stress of modern day living and expressing themselves clearly.
The point I am making is quite simple, give people a platform and they can easily hold conversations without the constant need for use of technology (for at least 15-20 minutes).

Bottom line we need to strive to hold such conversations in not just Uber cars but in multiple places wherever they should occur
An interesting aspect of these short interchanges, a number of riders made unsolicited comments how much they had enjoyed the various conversations and how much better they felt for them.

Food for thought?

(BTW I have loved every minute of it)