The Turning Tide

Last night I tuned into ABC’s Q& A ( not everyone’s cup of tea I know) and found it quite illuminating. The panel, which discusses current day issues was made up of several younger people from various schools and a couple of federal politicians.

As a Baby Boomer, it could have made me quite uncomfortable but it didn’t, in fact, it led me to think that the web of negativism my generation has woven may be coming to an end, the fact that end is closer than you may think .”Just over five years- 2023″ when we toddle off into retirement.

As an educator, I am constantly embroiled in the discussions about the deficiencies of young people in our society, my response today is “Give it a rest in complaining, you add nothing to finding solutions”, your time ( relatively speaking) is very shortly coming to an end and you have wasted an opportunity to register a meaningful legacy in this matter.

History can attest we have always had had generational differences ( Can you put your hand on your heart and not recall an instance where you have differences of opinion with your parents or elders).

What I would concede the scrutiny of an omnipresent media magnifies the issues, to almost hysterical levels and some have seemed to have lost grip on reality.

The program demonstrated all hope is not lost for our future, it is worth a look: