Australian-FlagIn several days we will celebrate Australia Day a glorious event when we get the opportunity to toast the nation with friends and family. There are not many such events where the collective spirit of Australians is at a high and we feel good about ourselves.

This is against a backdrop of world turmoil, difficult economic conditions a general mood of uncertainty and despondency amongst much of our population.
In the last two to three years in my area of work I have seen a huge deterioration in the nation’s level of confidence amongst clients; including corporates and individuals who are having difficulty in handling the level of change that has been happening around them. The observation being we have gone from being a very vibrant people with a high sense of resilience and determination to succeed to what is being perceived from the outside world as carpers and whingers who have lost their sense of perspective of what a paradise we live in.
This view may ruffle the feathers of some but it is time to face the facts that we need to consider changes to our attitudes otherwise our futures will develop from mere fear to reality. It is unrealistic to maintain a view we cannot be effected by a whole series of events whether these are global or society changes where is no opting out, there can be no exceptions.
The plain truth we are extremely adept in beating our chests when we believe our interests are being threatened or hailing our achievements that is fair enough it is part of national pride that any country would be proud of. Our problem is we refuse to tackle the issues is that are fundamental to our better interests adopting an attitude of being indignant and self- righteousness when challenged.
We openly raise the issue of leadership, surround it with motherhood statements, talk about it in forums but see little evidence of the message being absorbed.
Countless words and material have been written which most of it is destined for the landfill dump.
So what is the answer?
It is staring us in the face, things will only change at the behest of the individual (I can hear cries and groaning from some) but the truth is that has always been the way. If people express a will things will change. Currently we seem to be seeking some sort of utopian solution which I can guarantee will not come.
So when the 26th comes around perhaps we should pause for a moment and think how we can help to assist fellow Australians to adopt a more positive attitude about themselves. Whether that may be persons who hold responsible positions in business, persons who work in the community or your best mate, the opportunities are endless.

Have a great Australia Day