In the midst of much discussion about change in the world and especially in Australian business perhaps we have been guilty of a lack of focus with the largest contributor to our economy. We have heard a lot of comment from the larger conglomerates about how they are struggling to come to terms with the momentous transformations within their business structures caused by disruptive technology, social change etc.

The small medium business is (SME) the engine room of our economy and perhaps less equipped to deal with the challenges that are confronting their larger counterparts. Whilst they have traditionally had to cope with things like cash flow, regulation and attracting suitable people into their respective organisations and much more. Today they are faced with another enormous challenge, how to keep their people engaged against a backdrop of incredible change and disruption. They do not have automatic exposure and resources how to handle this complicated issue which could be crucial to the future of their business.

If is no practical use to quote the “Google or “Microsoft” engagement models to such organisations it is unrealistic  and we need to develop programs that are workable for such structures, simple steps which can be embraced for their particular needs and circumstances. The mindset we have to adopt is one of flexibility and open mindedness.

There is no doubt in my mind this issue is becoming one of the biggest concerns we are going to address in the coming years as relentless change continues.


Ken Wood

People Specialist