As I sit here enjoying a coffee I wonder if like me other Australians are pondering how the humble red onion may have a defining effect on our futures… Let me explain by quoting some economic intelligence that may change respective points of view.

Currently in some world economies there is a battle going on by countries to feed their burgeoning populations; for example recently in India riots broke out as the price of the said onion quadrupled because of a lack of supply. In Singapore much debate has emerged regarding food security fuelled by steady increases in staple food items of late. The government is examining various overseas projects that the island nation may invest in to provide a level of security in the knowledge that 90% of all food has to be imported.

China has a continual problem with grain and dairy supply and it is well known that the government has tried to secure land and assets here in Australia to meet their increasing needs. Another fact, China alone will increase its middle class between the periods of 2013-2020 by 600 million quite staggering really, who will fill the expected supply void?

The point of the above Australia has tremendous opportunities open to it to quench the thirst of these hungry nations’ food needs; that is if we want to take up the challenge over the next few decades.

Is this another example of short sightedness on the part of our decision makers who would rather wallow in pessimism and political infighting which has no discernible future benefit for our country? Couple this with the continual whining of commentators who tell us our outlook is hopeless adds to a very unhealthy situation. Of course our country is experiencing major structural change some of which is very painful; this should not be at the total exclusion of looking optimistically at potential situations of which we already have a competitive edge. Our slavery to the reliance on resources has clouded our judgement marginalising businesses that achieve outstanding results in overseas markets and inhibits critically needed focus and investment.

When are we going to wake up to the fact that we have to help ourselves , the world will glide by without us unless we get realistic and shed this growing malaise which we are seemingly afflicted.

The time is well overdue for us to decide where we go from here; do we continue to envelop ourselves in self pity and procrastination or rise to new and exciting challenges available to us?
The red onion may yet prove to be our next winner!!