The Education of People Skills-Are they part of Your Future?

For a number of years, I have been vigorously pursuing the issue regarding the deterioration of People Skills in our society especially in relation to business and how we need to educate people across the spectrum.

I have unfortunately reached a level of notoriety in pursuance of the issue being both loud ,persistent and passionate in airing my views as I believe this is one the biggest issues we face going into the future and until recently we have failed to give it the attention that is warranted.

I cannot lie the journey of my advocacy has been extremely difficult, with several periods of self-doubt taking hold, it seemed just when I thought I had established a breakthrough, it turned out the majority of my audience were just paying lip service and real commitment was missing any follow through.

It was becoming evident my platform for reaching out to audiences was somewhat narrow, I also failed to recognise another factor at play.

Although the subject is of major importance my experience has been only when the situation has a direct and immediate influence on their activities they are forced to take action.

My successes to date have mainly revolved around crisis situations requiring intervention services.

I am pleased to report in 2018 there are concrete signs emerging that we are at last beginning take the matter seriously.

The evidence comes from several global business leaders who are expressing concern at the trends being seen in their respective markets.

One of those leaders is Jeff Weiner, CEO of the business network LinkedIn, whose company completed a nationwide survey which revealed severe shortages in the area of people skills. (See his video link at the end of this artcle)

The ultimate truth is that no one person or organisation can pressgang others to take action to address the looming problem we face, that can only come from the decision-makers to evaluate the possible consequences.

If you feel you have concerns you might have with people issues in your organisation happy to talk. A conversation costs nothing and I am willing to assist anyone who shares my concerns for their organisation.

Ken Wood
People Specialist