In the last week  two events have made an impression on me, let me tell you why.
I was asked to meet with six members of staff from a company which was winding down after twenty years following the owner’s decision to retire and close down operations.

My business and people intervention background has led me into situations where I receive a lot of comments of how angry staff feel about their employers, pointing fingers at the owners of how they have been treated. Not so in this case the owners had created a culture of togetherness with their staff and the average  tenure was around 10 years, it was more to do with sadness that the team was to go their separate ways. The husband and wife team should be exceptionally proud of what they created and maintained over a long period. My reaction to the experience is quite simple “Look after your people and they will look after you” something that has been echoed many times by some of the worlds’ best leaders. Seems strange find a good news story when we are forever being bombarded by tales of doom an d gloom maybe if we look a bit harder we can find more.

The other event occurred in an Adelaide café, as I satisfied my desire for a long flat white. Entering the establishment I was greeted by a very energetic girl who welcomed me with a smile when taking my order. Sitting at my table I watched as she served a couple wishing to purchase cakes for an event they were having. Her sales approach was fantastic, not pushy, helpful and professional guiding the customers to eventually purchasing more than they had indicated originally. I could sense they left  the premises very satisfied indeed. I managed to catch her eye and asked her to come and speak with me. I commended her on her customer service and asked for the secret of her success, her simple answer was “practice”. Even at this tender age she was fully aware of the need for engagement, something we could all learn from.
Send me your brighter moments in business & life.