As I grow older I fear I struggle to control my emotions, which on occasions transforms me into a gibbering mess, tears well up in my eyes and I “lose it”. Strange really when you consider the work I do as an interventionist dealing with a wide range of people problems.

I have searched to find the answer, delving back into my past looking for clues, trying to pinpoint circumstances where my whole mindset could have been influenced. I am afraid to my chagrin I have come up empty handed with an explanation.

What triggers my emotional state? It tends to come in several forms; music, great movie acting, displays of courage and leadership by individuals, acts of kindness. Last night this puzzle was solved. To my utter delight my wife bought me for my birthday a ticket to see Bruce Springsteen in concert. I cannot tell you my exuberance in receiving this gift as nineteen years ago I missed the opportunity to see him as I could not afford the nineteen pounds price at that time.

The concert itself was unbelievable, Springsteen and his band occupied the stage for three and a half hours seemingly not taking a breath, simply magnificent. During the time I found myself distracted, my attention was constantly drawn to the fans themselves, they ranged from the young to grey haired (myself included), all shapes and sizes, exercising total devotion and unabashed joy, the wide smiles on the faces were palpable.

Then it struck me, the reason I react in such a way is “people move me, I love to see people both succeeding and enjoying themselves at the same time, and in the parlance of the rock world is how,” I get my rocks off”.

Bruce Springsteen demonstrated how to “move” people with a mixture of humility, humour, respect, love and skill, the lessons for us in business and life were so plain to see. As I have echoed many times before leadership is not formulaic it can be delivered in a myriad of ways and the “The Boss” did it simply and beautifully last night.

And yes those tears did run down my face during the performance and long may they do so!

Ken Wood