I treasure my Sunday mornings, normally I have completed my work, I trawl through the overnight soccer results from the UK, settle down to “Outsiders”, the ABC‘s roundup of the sporting news with the excellent Gerald Whateley and drink copious amounts of coffee.

Unfortunately not this Sunday I awoke to the news that my team had been “stuffed” 8-0 (What a humiliation). I will need to rely on the vapours of Port Adelaide’s success last season and the expectation of the upcoming season in 2015 to get me through.

Secondly I am seething about the resignation of Ewan McKenzie coach of the ‘Wallabies” the Australian Rugby team and the strange thing is I am not a particular fan of rugby. The thing is I am riled up about the role of that mysterious  group of people called  ” The Media” who come out as any time of the day or night to denigrate and speculate until their quarry have been beaten into submission. What is even more stranger they then in many circumstances try to eulogize their victims as some sor of self-penance? McKenzie appears to me as a man of integrity and principle undeservedly targeted on this occasion.

In group discussions and interviews they rarely come clean and identify the perpetrators; cowardly hiding under the cloak of “the media” are to blame, could it be they are pixies who are capable of making themselves invisible  when accountability is required.

You know the reality of the situation is as my family try to stop me from shouting at the television my protestations are futile it is a juggernaut developed by our own fair hands.

One can only try in dealings with people to act in a fair manner and not to prejudge issues without concrete knowledge of the true facts, maybe a big ask given today’s environment.

Now I must return to my coffee and continue my period of mourning.