Sometimes it is not always about the Dollar

2017 marks the fifteenth year since I established Banyan Management Services. During that time I have had the honour to work with a wide range of people and organisations supporting them through the many highs and lows of their various businesses. The relationships that I have formed with individual companies, of course, are special but also being part of the South Australia business community.

In this time I have witnessed so much rapid change especially in respect of the management of people, it has become very a complex problem with a number of issues surrounding it.

Whilst many organisations have flourished there has become sections of our community and society who have not fared as well. Such matters of frustration, reduction in motivation and engagement have all surfaced creating major problems.

As part of my company’s birthday celebrations, I would like to make a free of charge contribution to the community.

As a very experienced People Specialist and public speaker, I would like to make the following offer:

I will donate my time to THREE organisations such as Non for profit, a small SME who is struggling with issues or a community group.

The only stipulation the presentation must relate to people in the organisation, selection of the specific issue will be at the behest of the selected party. Duration of the presentation will be One hour.

It is legitimate for you to ask the question WHY?

Because I can and exercises my passion for people
Sometimes it is not all about the FEE
We talk about leadership, we need to show it
No, I do not have rocks in my head, it is a genuine offer without cost to applicants.

If you have an interest, please contact me, either directly by mobile or email.

This offer will be open until 30th April 2017

Ken Wood
Mobile 0408811799