My-DiaryHello ladies and gentlemen,

For those who don’t know me my name is Ken Wood, I reside in Adelaide, South Australia and practice as a people and engagement specialist.  I would like to share with my contacts the contents of my diary for the last six days I would hope some of you might find it of interest:


A quick breakfast and I tune into our local/ national broadcaster who regales me with four negative trivial stories regarding citizens’ complaints on traffic disruptions caused by the extension of the light rail system, opposition to the pulling up of trees from the park lands and new bus timetables etc, plenty of people willing to step forward and vent their anger. Meanwhile in one of our largest regional towns we are hearing the possible closure of a steel mill vital to the health of this large community. “I mutter under my breath that there is a loss of perspective here an unfortunate trait of some Adelaidians”, we can’t seem to shake off this negative aurora that continues to be draped around us like a heavy winter overcoat and look to the future”

My day is filled with the mundane but necessary administrative duties, I return home to more depressing global and national stories on my TV.


I have been asked by a client to assist with an ugly dispute between staff members at their Adelaide operation. Upon early observations it was clear that the company had some major managerial problems .this I presented to the resident director. His reaction was hostile and maintained he had been in the industry for 30 years and did not intend to apply the strategy recommended, I await developments. In fact he went a little further and questioned my parentage, (one has developed quite thick skin over the years).


Today chaired a meeting a group of university students of various ages and nationalities who are contributing to an innovative proposal for a local client. It was evident that every member of the team was engaged and wanted to play a part in the final outcome and presentation. It was really great to see.


Meeting today with a young man (millennian) to assist with some career advice, this was also   an opportunity for me to listen and absorb his views regarding business and life. I can’t say I agreed with everything he said but some of his comments were extremely valid including his disdain of political behaviour and his willingness to learn from a cross section of people and their experiences. (This is contrary to stories that constantly emanate from media sources). He seemed very happy with the advice that I offered him, he commented that the feature of the conversation was that I didn’t talk down at him.


Received an early morning call to attend an emergency meeting to give advice on mediating on a potential bullying case by a senior manager in the a large organisation. Too early to give an assessment how this may play out, discussions ongoing.

In the afternoon had a  chat with a colleague from the local university, informed me they were very close to commercialisation of an exciting new product, these guys are the new face of South Australia.


Early morning walk with” Rocky” my golden retriever in the nearby national park something I really enjoy. Usually taking the opportunity to do some reflecting on the previous week’s activities. Stopped to chat to a lovely lady from a local primary school called Susan; as usual in this type of situation an exchange of pleasantries and general chit chat ensues, the subject arose regarding the positivity she found amongst her students and their optimism about their future. One could see the sheer pride she felt about her work, I walked away from the encounter in a lighter mood following her inspirational delivery.

Time for my and Rocky’s breakfast.


The reflection of which I spoke about above led me to post this open offering as I believe the events contained in these diary entries can be interpreted as giving us a message to the mood and state of our engagement in 2016.

I think it is fair to comment our levels of social and business engagement are extremely low at this point in our history; it is an exceptionally complex problem influenced by a number world and domestic factors involving many diverse views which seemingly unfortunately cannot all be accommodated.

Maybe it is a case of the passage of time to solve many of the problems, possibly our population taking a more realistic view of their respective situations or hopefully more people like ‘Susan” and others who step forward to take the strain. Whatever the answer to continue on this destructive path will benefit none of us in the end.

Ken Wood

Banyan Management Services Pty Ltd