Shackleton Lectures

The intent of these offerings is to share with a whole range of people the opportunity to learn from history, ranging from communities, organisations desirable of improved leadership and individuals seeking personal development. See how the events of the past can lead to better outcomes in our modern day lives. These program cuts across genders and examines human behaviour.

Public Interest Presentations: Sir Ernest Shackleton and The Endurance

A presentation for non for profit and other organisations retelling the incredible story of 27 men and their leader Sir Ernest Shackleton marooned in Antarctica, a tale about human survival and behaviour.

Duration: 1 Hour

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Workshop: Shackleton - Lessons for the Modern Leader

Looking at events from history that may help in unravelling the challenges we face in terms of leadership, managing and working with people in today's extremely complex and ever changing environment.

Includes an examination of Shackleton's characteristics and how they have relevance today: Frailties - Optimism - Awareness - Trust - Teamwork - Consultation and Delegation - People Management - Resilience

This workshop will include a 1 hour video surrounding the expedition and the story together exercises and case studies (handout material will be available).

Duration: 3 Hours

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Personal Development: What are the skills you need for your future career?

Are you aware of the key skills that you may require for the present and future environment? The market has become extremely competitive and any advantage you can give yourself will be invaluable). Learn how these skills can help you keep ahead of the "pack" Gather tips from history to add to your academic knowledge).

Topics include: Listening - Awareness - Teamwork - Problem Solving - Communication

Duration: 1.5 hours

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