The Oxford dictionary gives the following definition of “breaking the mould”

“Put an end to a restrictive pattern of events or behaviour by doing things in a markedly different way”.

“Breaking the Mould” is our way to describe the overall strategy of Banyan to pursue new thinking and innovation around  engagement and management development. We are committed to developing new solutions which will assist companies into the future.

In recent years we have witnessed a severe fall in Australian employee engagement levels and I am of the strong belief we need to examine options how we can arrest this slide. So far the vehicle used to combat this problem has been the advancement of Leadership development. Whilst the strategy has been to invest in senior executives and leaders training we may have been guilty of overlooking the value that managers can add to improving these levels.


Managers are generally the “enablers” in an organisation that is to say they get things done together with establishing and maintaining relationships with employees, good communication and ensuring morale is healthy.

To achieve the above they need to be equipped with a range of tools which reflect the issues that confront them in a very much changed workplace environment today.

Being on top of topics such as economic and client awareness can give your business a crucial competitive edge over your competitors. Understanding their own personal style of managing and how that can be adapted to obtain the best outcomes for the business. As we well know economic volatility provides the modern day managers with many daily challenges and the need to have a level of resilience to be able cope with such occurrences is essential.


Other aspects of managing such as the ability to forge a strong relationship with their boss and maintain a sense of optimism will also be included in our training.

Our programs are designed to focus the needs of both the employer and the participant with consultation prior to commencement to any program, options will include detailed personal assessments and further individual coaching.

In order we can accommodate organisations who prefer to conduct development training on their own site, we can design bespoke workshops to meet their individual requirements.

We are fully aware of current economic constraints in the investment of people, we are committed to providing platforms which are commercially attractive with no less quality of content and delivery being achieved.


Please find examples of  our programs and workshops:


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  2. Equipping Managers for Success
  3. Managing and working with people today -Rising to the challenge
  4. Self-Awareness for Managers
  5. Resilience for Managers
  6. How to Coach and Mentor
  7. Managing UP
  8. Knowing your business