Throughout history there have been many rallying calls from famous people some factual such as Winston Churchill ‘s  “ Fight them on the beaches “ speech , J.F. Kennedy and his inauguration oration “What can you do for your country” , to the somewhat fictional William Wallace battle  cry in the movie “ Braveheart”, “ They may take our hearts but  they will never take our freedom”.

Each of them in their own way extremely powerful and effective in galvanising a group of people.

From my small corner of the world, Adelaide, South Australia comes a very similar story relating to its Australian Rules football team Port Adelaide and its supporters.

Until recently the club had been in the doldrums demoralised and seemingly without much prospect of success in the future. Then a new team is put together both on and off the field and an amazing transformation occurs the team starts winning and reaches the finals of the competition.  The tactics they have used to bond its supporters in a what seems to have been masterstroke is to use a song made famous by the Australian supergroup INXS, “Never tear up apart”  before each home game. Now it is the envy of many around the country.

The point being we at this time Australia seems to need a rallying call to move our nation on from what has become a rather depressing and pessimistic outlook, food for thought?