The confidence which was once our national trademark has evaporated and has been replaced with a veil of negativity and foreboding the like we have not seen in decades.

Changes in our circumstances caused by internal and external events have altered how we view our lives both today and for the future. That resilience which we proudly cherished is rapidly ebbing away.

On a daily basis the omnipresent media relentlessly tests our ability to digest negative messages. Natural disasters, murder, child abuse, economic meltdowns, political lies, bankruptcies, corruption, drugs, scams, security breaches, sadness, terror, guilt, fear – it comes to us second by second. It won’t magically disappear from our lives anytime soon, if ever.

We need to arm ourselves with tools that allow us to, at the very least, filter the information so we can exercise the option to take a more positive position in our lives.

The responsibility for this decision lies solely with the individual. We cannot expect governments to come to the rescue they are scrambling themselves to adequately fix some of our society’s problems.

I personally refuse to believe that a great number of Australians have willingly “thrown in the towel” and accept this status quo of negativity. In my opinion the alternative is too bleak to contemplate; a country without hope, only dealing in bitterness and blame, is that the legacy we want to leave our children?

The tools to help us filter the barrage of pessimistic information and to assist us regain a positive outlook are available. I invite you to join me at the next Optimism Australia event together we will further examine ways we can all participate in rebuilding our collective resilience.

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