I got to thinking in this tide of bonhomie and goodwill, there remains a group of people who might need a little bit of a mention. These are the thousands, of small businesses around the world who are experiencing a period in “The Valley of Diminishing Business Cashflow ” when the work they are merrily engaged in simply stops and the revenue stream comes to an abrupt end. For some it can be a period as long as 2-3 months whilst countries such as Australia indulge in the season’s festivities which for the initiated around the world coincides with annual holidays as we step into summer. It can be a nail-biting time, not knowing if you can meet the bills which will inevitably drop into your mailbox after Christmas, I know this to be true as one who had travelled through that valley over the years. The things strike me if I was going to advise those souls who are afflicted by these circumstances. Use the time to recharge one’s strength and motivation, do something you like, exercise and you will find endorphins will be released to raise your confidence to enable you to get through this period. From a planning and strategy point of view, next year and subsequent years recognise this is an event which you must take into account when calculating cash flow projections. In the spirit of feeling better and boosting morale, perhaps we should take a lead from the famous song movie “Annie”, “The sun will come out tomorrow”, it is a time when a dose of optimism is essential and can do wonders for you

. Have a happy and safe holiday wherever you are in the world. Ken Wood Banyan management Services