I have just finished reading Dr. Marla Gottschalk’s recent article on LinkedIn entitled “7 Very Telling Signs Your Job is a Poor Fit” ( by the way Marla is in my opinion a great practitioner who writes powerfully) and she highlights a major problem.

Having just extended my own company services to include career advice and direction the points raised in her article are rather telling.

I have been taken aback about the amount of inquiries and conversations I have had in a relatively short space of time. The level of seemingly unhappiness amongst our workforce is quite frankly astonishing.

The correlation of data from a number of sources confirms we are experiencing massive turbulence in the relationships between employers and employees.  People switch careers and jobs for a myriad of reasons, aspirations, frustration, change of circumstances but it is becoming very clear that one of the main reasons is the breakdown of relationships between the parties.

There is absolutely no point in laying the total blame at the feet of employers as it takes “two to tango” and maybe the expectations of people have become beyond what can reasonably be met. The many social changes we have undergone has certainly contributed to this rather disturbing situation.

The opening of Pandora’s Box cannot be reversed so it is apparent we need to reflect on how we find answers to the challenges we face. One thing is certain this will not magically disappear and the chances are that matters can only deteriorate further if we do not take steps to arrest the slide which has significant consequences for all.

Some may view the above comments as “motherhood statements” but the reality is we are not doing enough. I acknowledge there many who are striving to contribute with new ideas but we are all accountable. In today’s world we love to “chew the fat” but we lack direct action. As the saying goes “talk is cheap”.

Must try harder!!!

What is your opinion?