I have often written in the past about the subject of perspective and how we meet challenges in life. This week I found my family surrounded by a really tragic event which I think is worth sharing.

My wife’s cousin Greg who lives in London and an extremely talented individual, with his wife Katherine ten weeks ago experienced total joy with the birth of a baby boy Alexander.  This after the couple having to undergo five cycles of IVF, you can imagine this had made their life complete.

Following the delivery it was found that Katherine had developed liver cancer, this week Katherine passed away only ten weeks after their joyful event. Totally heartbreaking for Greg and family.

In today’s world we are quick to indulge in whinging about our problems, if this piece of shocking news does not make you pause and reflect I do not know what will.

Our family aches for Greg and Alexander but we know he will make a great dad.

Vale Katherine Bones

6th August 2014