People & Technology- Solving the Equation


As a young student it became patently obvious I was never going to forge a career in Mathematics or Science, I came to this conclusion due to my inability to take on board the concept of such topics such as equations, no matter how hard I tried I could not master the skill required. It was only later in life I realised the value of the two sided equation, albeit it was a slightly different interpretation and has to do with balance.

My career has mainly been defined by working with and studying people behaviours. This has led me and others to assert that due to widespread changes in the introduction of technology we have struck an imbalance between these innovations and direct people interaction.

We live in a world where in a relatively short space of time ground breaking technological advances have taken place, which no doubt will continue into the foreseeable future. This has also resulted in a significant societal behavioural change in terms of how we as humans interact, with new communication channels and devices appearing with regularity, altering the landscape.

Of course, these changes have come with consequences such as the sharp decline in face to face contact and in some quarters it has been felt that the erosion of some critical people skills has taken place across all of our communities. Curiously it has not curtailed communication, in fact, we have more interaction across the globe than any time in history, the key difference we have seen a marked reduction in important abilities to hold face to face conversations that cannot be achieved by electronic means.

In the career space where more and more people are electing to choose the path of starting their own business, competition for the investor dollar is becoming increasingly harder, people skills are required to secure funding. Similarly, the rapid decline of available full –time jobs requires candidates to display enhanced skills when presenting to prospective employers. For the individual, they can be the catalyst for help in defining their own particular views and their future.

So what can be the benefit of possessing people skills, they are your enablers:

  • Allows –Expression
  • Display Passion
  • Shows Emotion
  • Clear Communication
  • Improves Teamwork
  • Elevates Confidence
  • Improves Business efficiency

The relationship between technology and people will always have a place in our society, the only difference is today we must seek to find solutions that suit our continuing changing environment whilst maintaining a workable and sustainable balance.

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