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We are committed to building people skills

We offer a range of development training options For Business. Students and the Individual Programs & Services:


Who                                                                          Directors, Managers, Supervisors and staff                                                                          
Why                                                                                 An indication of successful organisations is the presence of a healthy mix of people skills existing within their respective cultures. In recent years we have seen the balance between technology and human interaction challenged with resultant outcome being people skills receiving less focus. Maintaining “high levels of people skills for any business is essential if they are to remain competitive into the future

 “A lack or declining People Skills within your organisation can hurt your business”

Program Content: An introduction into Building People Skills for Business” Public Workshops* (See our Events Page)  

  1. The Relationship between Technology and People
  2. Identification of 4 Key People skills that can improve People skills in your business
  3. Why it is crucial to have enhanced People Skills in your business
  4. Other People Skills that may be particularly important to your organisation including
    • Customer Interaction/Service
    • Teamwork/ Collaboration
  5. Actual case studies
  6. How to go about achieving improvement within your organisation.

We are committed to building people skills

Private Consultation (to be arranged with client)

Location/Venue: Adelaide & All other Australian Capital Cities

Discussions and possible action plans based on specific circumstances within the client’s organisation.The design of content to be agreed between Banyan and client by choosing subjects derived by the above list of people skills. These can be half or day workshops.
Our experience extends to work with individuals and groups throughout organisations.

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Who                                                                          High School, University, T.A.F.E students                                                                     
Why                                                                      Whilst degrees can be an advantage when trying to secure employment, upon leaving university a broader skill base is required today. The trend for full time jobs is declining therefore the competition is tougher with employers seeking candidates with balanced
attributes. Abilities in your specific discipline need to be complimented by good set of people skills. For students contemplating a career based on a “start-up” it will be necessary to possess a
set of skills which will allow them not only to develop the technical side of the project but also the ability to communicate with several different parties. As the expected growth of “start – ups” continues into the future the “investor” dollar will become more difficult to obtain,
participants will need to ensure that their skill base at lease matches or is superior to the competition.

 “Students need to be prepared for their next step in life”

Program Content-Students
Venue: Flinders University, Tonsley Campus, Adelaide
Public Workshops “People Skills –setting you apart from the rest” (See our events page)

  1. Honesty/Integrity/Character
  2. Presentation skills
  3. Listening skills
  4. Awareness
  5. Ability to work with others

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We are committed to building people skills

The Individual - Open to all

Who                                                                          People who aspire to be the best they can be by enhancing their skills either when seeking alternative employment opportunities or improving social interaction in their lives.                                                                 
Why                                                                      Where an individual is seeking alternative employment opportunities the skills of yesterday may not be sufficient to secure employment. The abilities to marry technical and people skills will be well regarded by employers and can put you at an advantage. The benefits of interaction with others can help you to gain further confidence with your life and goals.

 “Giving you the tools, so you can be the best you can be”

Program Content
Public Workshop “People Skills- Being the best you can be” (See our events page)
Venue: Flinders University, Tonsley Campus, Adelaide

  1. Change “What got you here, will not get you there!”
  2. Self-Awareness “The story of you, where you are now and where you want to be?
  3. Identification of five key people skills
  4. Real life scenarios- What we can learn
  5. Tools to “get you there”

Private Consultation
121 consultation is available on an hourly basis together with a defined program

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We are committed to building people skills