People 2016

It is my annual routine to reflect on the outgoing year and try and plan for the new one.

A year when we have seen people in many western countries vehemently protest against our economic system claiming they have  missed out on the so called economic miracle of Globilisation and seem to have lost complete trust in authority. The speed and nature of the changes occurring in many people’s lives has left them frustrated and angry.

The apportionment of blame seems to know no bounds mostly directed at politicians and corporations but if we were really truthful a great many of us have played a part in where we find ourselves today. The pattern of behaviours is indisputable across the western world, we are guilty of not listening to each other.

If we are to emerge from this seemingly negative path in 2017 we will need to do two simple things Listen & Talk to Each Other, whether you are a politician, company director or the man or woman in the street it might sound naïve but in my opinion it is the one sure thing that works.

Wherever you are have a good holiday and great 2017.