Optimism in the face of a crisis

It would be hard to ignore the increasing levels of angst and foreboding about recent events and developments that are occurring around the world. One would need to lock oneself in your bedroom and hope they will pass to avoid it.

It is a fact that levels of fear in our society have grown exponentially, it has become part of our daily life.

I wish to relay an experience that occurred with me, only yesterday that gave me a deep sense of perspective.

As a favour for a friend, I offered a ride to a lady who lived close to my home. During the journey, we chatted and discussed normal things, family, work, background. Then she hit me with the fact, not only did she have cancer, but it was now in an advanced state.

I could not believe her optimism, determination and good humour. She left me humbled and inspired.

Individuals have choices, these may be to try to take an optimistic view of life. Worry only about the things you can control and whenever possible assist people in our society who may be unable to cope with such uncertainty. Now is that time!

Maybe we should ponder this?

Taking the words from the late Freddie Mercury back in 1985:

“Wooh, is this the world we created?
We made it all our own
Is this the world we devastated, right to the bone
If there’s a God in the sky looking down
What can he think of what we’ve done
To the world that he created”.