Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit some people in the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsular (a regional area south of Adelaide) the visit was preceding a presentation I will deliver to a business group next week.

In my line of work I am exposed to many conversations regarding how bleak the outlook is for our State In fact South Australia has over the years developed a reputation for always looking at the worst scenarios; that we can expect no improvement in our fortunes in the immediate future.

I am of the firm belief that is not the whole story, there are people out there striving to build solid businesses. This young group showed all the hallmarks of determination, vibrancy and a will to listen to advice from the older generations. I walked away from that meeting quite uplifted. They may not get everything right but as the venerable Paul Hogan used to say “I’ll have lash “mentality is alive and well.

If you listen to our media they do everything to denigrate such efforts always returning to the path of negativity, unfortunately in the short term  I do not see a change in that situation. Additionally the nay-sayers which are part of my age group continue to predict the worst” The time has long passed when we cease to operate in the “Telling” mode and switch to a mindset of transition and support.

The statement I have just made will to some might smack of “motherhood jargon” but what the doubters forget is the inevitably of the change that is occurring. We are entering into a new era and if this State cannot divest itself of this pall of self-flagellation we  will continue to wallow in the doldrums

Just take a look around you might be in for a surprise

We have much to commend a good majority of our young entrepreneurs, good luck to all of them!!