On the Cusp

One must come out and raise a glass to the many emerging projects that are coming out of the state of South Australia, it is really exciting to see the plethora of new ventures being rolled out on an almost daily basis.

It is becoming obvious the new economy will have a much more balanced sustainable future not hampered by twilight industries, who traditionally have served the state well but we have to come to terms their time is over and as much as we lament their passing there is a new dawn breaking. It will not happen overnight and in the form, we once knew but it will happen.

Having been involved in change throughout my entire career I have some sympathy for those who find these current times overwhelming and tend to react with resistance and disdain towards the things that are occurring around them. A lot of modern day behaviours and practices are alien to their instincts and values but no one to my knowledge has ever been successful in halting change, progress has always been maintained by adaptation.

Amongst Australian cities, Adelaide has in the past probably ranked as most conservative with powerbrokers and sections of the population refusing to accept that what is an inevitable future.

Those defensive views are staunchly supported by a local media who quite cleverly and with expert manipulation skills whip up the disaffected into the belief that their lives are so marginalised and in their opinion, someone must be blamed and the future looks bleak. They perpetuate the opinion we are just “a big country town”, which is an nonsense as many organisations now operate on a global level, it trivialises the fantastic efforts being made to broaden our appeal to others.

Time to cease this self-flagellation, whinging mentality we have long held it will not assist us in our future endeavours. It should not be under estimated how enormous this task is before us as have to strip decades of negative behavour away and replace it with a more vibrant attitude .

My observations lead me to think this cannot be fully achieved unless my generation ( Baby Boomers) embrace the reality of our situation and take part in the transformation over the next five years, there are strong indications that is not happening so I suppose we will have to live with this problem until time passes.

This is not unlike the many issues we continually debate difference is, this has a material influence on the future of your children and grandchildren!

Does apathy and self interest win over common sense- let’s wait and see if we can rise to the challenge?

Ken Wood

People Specialist

Aged 65