Sometime ago I promised my contacts and subscribers I would not bombard them with constant emails and other messages, hopefully I have made good on that promise during this year.

This communication is by way an update of my activities during the course of 2013 and plans for the coming year, I trust you find the contents informative and of interest.

We define our business as a series of services which  are dedicated to working with people, we will continue to develop our portfolio in 2014.


Throughout the year we have concluded several projects for organisations including some national assignments involving culture, reorganisation and strategy. The key ingredient to these jobs has been working with people to achieve better outcomes.

Reflecting on how people may perceive the activities of a business interventionist I have penned a short article on my website:


In February we launched an initiative entitled Optimism Australia which is designed to encourage Australians  take a positive attitude to how we work and live. An event was held which was well supported by the Adelaide community and we continue with plans for other events in 2014.

As we have stated previously this initiative is not a one hit wonder, progress will be made slowly but I am totally committed to carrying on this work as I see it vital to our future fortunes.


Having being involved in SME business for over 30 years I and others are passionate about maintaining a healthy sector. We have over 1.2 million enterprises within Australia and they provide a good proportion of our G.D.P.

In recent times we have seen the sector come under severe pressure due to a number of factors, higher costs, compliance and competition. We believe in the absence of any tangible and sustained support from government or any other source there is a requirement for a degree of self- help to be administered.

We have established an online resource where SME owners and managers can visit and obtain important information on matters that can assist them operate and grow their respective businesses. The opportunity to profile business and interact with other people. Hear from industry experts who deliver tips and views on critical issues that affect SME business.

From early 2014 we will establish monthly forums where members can meet, have face to face contact with other businesses and discuss issues of mutual interest. These will be facilitated by a very experienced chairperson and will be at a price level which should be attractive to companies.


During the course of 2013 we have taken on several assignments regarding search and placement of senior business leaders with excellent outcomes.

From 1st December 2013 we intend to offer this as one of our permanent services accepting specific assignments from clients for the following:

  1. Senior business leader positions
  2. Non- executive board positions
  3. Appointment of Chairpersons

We can assist in the outplacement of senior staff for organisations


We have fulfilled a number of engagements this year including:

Change – “How international change affects Australia”

Awareness – The need for managers and staff to be self-aware

Resilience – “How to remain resilient under challenging times”

* (Using the explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton model)

People – “The simple art of understanding people”


Banyan Management Services is working on a white paper regarding the challenges for business as we approach the critical date of 2023. This is the last date the Baby Boomer generation are expected to leave the workforce.

When completed (anticipated March 2014) we will release the results to organisations and other forums.

If you are interested in any of our services call me for a chat.

Enjoy your holidays, hopefully you will find time to relax with family and friends.

Ken Wood