What is going on?

We continue to serve our SME clients as they work through the many challenges in today’s rather demanding times. Our observations lead us to believe that more than any other business group the type of assistance they require should be based on achieving practical outcomes at a competitive price. Any services offered must reflect an element of the ever changing business environment giving them an opportunity to compete on equal terms.

My mission is to support business to enable the Australian economy to flourish not only for now but to establish platforms for the future.

SME Blueprint

Over 95% of all business in Australia are small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with over two million of those employing less than twenty staff. It is widely accepted that in recent times this sector has experienced severe business pressures especially following the Global Financial Crisis in 2007. Issues such as increased competition, rising costs, compliance and lack of resources both of the financial and personnel nature have tested their resolve.

My colleague and I are of the strong belief that there is a more competitive and simple way to assist SMEs which puts future decisions regarding their respective businesses firmly in the hands of the owner. In line with the above belief I am pleased to announce the imminent release of SME Blueprint which caters for the specific needs of SMEs.

SME Blueprint is a business operating framework we have developed which can steer your business into the future and lift your returns. Using simple methodologies and effective tools SME Blueprint examines the six key inter-related components of a business: Foundation, Purpose, People, Systems & Processes, Customers and Financials. SME Blueprint will identify potential areas of improvement for your organisation and assist you to develop an effective strategy and action plan.


Our offering will also include monthly forums, membership of an on line community and SME free tools. To be part of the SME Blueprint revolution requires no expensive long term investment, only the commitment by the owners to build a better business.

We invite interested parties to register for a strictly non obligation preview of the product. Call us on Free Call 1800 555 678 or email us at for further details. (Please note seats are limited)

Optimism Australia

I have dedicated myself to an initiative entitled Optimism Australia http://www.localhost/kenwood/optimism-australia-why-take-the-risk/, a realistic assessment of where we are at the moment, in terms of confidence; to promote a sensible perspective of how we might regain our once noted optimistic nature.

Firstly, I would like to thank those people who attended our Inaugural Breakfast in February in Adelaide. Your support is very much appreciated and from your feedback you found it informative and an enjoyable experience.

We have taken all of your feedback on board and are now planning our next event of which you will be notified in due course.

We continue to engage people to seek their views how Optimism Australia can further develop and to be of interest to various sections of our communities. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

Please visit our website to see our brochure outlining our intentions and the services that are available. Alternatively, if you would prefer a hard copy, please contact us.

My available support services:

Intervention, Facilitation, Coaching, Business Education/ Speaking assignments

Feel free to visit my site or Just call me direct on 1800 555 678