Ladies & Gentlemen, may I wish you a happy, safe and prosperous 2013.

In recent month’s I have conducted a review of the services I offer and have arrived at the following conclusions:

You could say we are now living through one of the most complex change processes in our history. This is creating serious challenges for companies, individuals and communities. I believe my focus should be to supply services that support your respective endeavours during this tumultuous time. Furthermore to facilitate thinking around possible opportunities how you can position your business for the future, to cope with the changed environment.

So with the above in mind I start the year with the following:

Managing People in Turbulent Times (February 5th, Adelaide)

A short dynamic session to promote methods and techniques how you can best manage your people in changing times. Find out about the key principles for maintaining a stable workforce.

Open Letter to the Business Community

Three weeks ago I celebrated my 60th birthday and engaged in a degree of reflection, important things such as how over the years my body has increasingly began to creak , how my hair has become thinner and gray where have the years gone?

On a more serious note I recalled the fabulous opportunities that have come my way. I have had the good fortune to visit so many countries, companies and meet a vast array of people. If I may I would like to share with you what I have learned about companies over thirty years operating as an international trouble-shooter, interventionist and coach and hope you may find it of interest.

Click to read my open letter.

Optimism Australia – Why

I have dedicated myself to an initiative entitled Optimism Australia, a realistic assessment of where are at the moment, in terms of confidence; to promote a sensible perspective of how we might regain our once noted optimistic nature.

Click to read more on Optimism Australia

Join us at our Inaugural Breakfast event on (February 26th, Adelaide)

My available support services:

Intervention, Facilitation, Coaching
Business Education/ Speaking assignments