New Service -Engagement


Following my recent announcement on the future direction of my business Banyan Management I will offer in 2017 a new service to my LinkedIn subscribers.

I will provide short video’s clips on the subject of Engagement on a periodic basis these clips will include:

  • Key information for organisations  the individuals on engagement issues.
  • New initiatives.
  • Inviting subscribers to ask their specific questions and we will respond in the video.
  • Inclusion of comments from subscribers. (names can be withheld)

The first video will be presented in February 2017

We must consider Engagement to be one of the major challenges that confronts business into the future, it continues to decline in organisations and causes a great deal of problems for all in Australian workplaces. I intend to take a leadership role in promoting good engagement.

I am aware acutely aware everyone’s time is precious as you receive an increasingly amount of material through your inbox, I intend these clips to be of a practical nature with material what is useful for your individual circumstances.

If you feel this information could be of benefit to you please connect with me and place the word Engagement in your request alternatively go to my site below to register.

Regardless of your decision can I wish you and your families a good holiday and a great 2017?

Ps Please note for existing contacts and subscribers you can ignore this message.

Happy to answer any queries you may have


Ken Wood, People Specialist