Navigating through turmoil

Do you ever pause and wonder how we can untangle some of the issues we are grappling with today? So many things have changed in such a short space of time, on the face of it, there appears there is no solution to where we go from here. Maybe we have been so demoralised from the constant disruption if has become “too hard” for us to figure out which future path we should take to revive our confidence.

Or maybe it is not as difficult as we perceive the problem to be.

In the course of my work, I have exposure to an increasing number of people (not necessarily all from a business background) requesting assistance. How can they manage their emotions in terms of the things that are going on around them?

I am finding the above people come from all walks of life including business, leaders of communities and the individual all requiring guidance and direction in how to cope with a myriad of issues that may be disrupting their thoughts.

Issues such as leaders struggling to engage with their people, managers who have lost their motivation and others who question their current positions in the workplace. or for that matter life in general. From students, most enquiries revolve around how they can secure full-time employment upon the completion of their studies.

In recent years we have witnessed a growing disenchantment by people over a wide range of issues. This has led to an unfortunate spike in the incidence of mental health issues. Whilst this is not in my domain of assistance I offer. It is plainly evident to me there are a lot of people struggling in coming to terms with the changes they are experiencing.

Generally, our approach is we as a society tend to offer advice on building their personal resilience and whilst this is important the reality is that not everyone is capable of achieving this state of mind on their own.

The question might be asked, why are people so frustrated and perhaps some even bitter?

One of the major issues is although many people applaud innovation and welcome it into their lives, the speed of change is unprecedented and the disruption caused is overwhelming.

Perhaps In our quest to introduce innovation, we have upset the balance between technology and people. It is impossible to think we can insulate people from all the challenges they face in their daily lives but we have clearly underestimated the effects on our society.

From my experience, the one thing that correlates regarding this problem is that I have found without exception people feel better to speak to someone even though an immediate solution to their problems cannot be found.

Although happy to be criticised for what may be classed by some as naive solutions. As a long- time vocal proponent on this subject, I totally stand by my personal experiences to date and know others can be equally as successful.

When people talk to each other they are more likely to achieve better outcomes than not, it is a simple principle that sometimes we overlook because we consider it being too simplistic.

There is some trepidation on my part to predict that we can correct the current state of affairs we have today immediately, it is certain change and innovation will continue to be a feature of our everyday lives.

The key being have we learnt valuable lessons how to implement such change and to restore somewhat the confidence of our citizens?

This approach is not restricted to any particular part of society whether you are a business leader, someone who holds a position in the community or the man /woman in the street.

Talk to your people, engage with others, discuss with your friends, colleagues, family and keep talking it may amaze you how all parties will benefit and support each other. All manner of issues can be resolved.