Hi would like to follow up on a recent post on LinkedIn from Chris Butler who used the following quote:

” Managers light fires under people

Leaders light fires in people”

Kathy Austin

First of all there is nothing wrong with the statement it is perfectly true. Secondly I must declare my interest as I am a professional educator who is passionate and dedicated to raising the skills for managers in organisations.
My problem stems from too often we seem to be talking about leadership rather than looking at progressive ways we can assist managers to become leaders.
We continually talk about leadership and not on my opinion the key question which is how and what skills do we teach in these ever changing times.
I would rather hear from managers their views about what they need rather than the perpetual promotion of something which we are all aware is important but is in danger of being classed irrelevant by the people we are trying to educate and reach out to.
My own evidence dealing with people on the front line, owners, directors and managers they want to see some innovation in the process.
I am quite ready to yield to in a debate on this subject and proved wrong. I see the benefit of such a discussion to move our thinking to a place which adds value to education programs.
I invite anyone to contribute to a robust discussion on the subject.
Ken Wood