Mentoring with Results

I think it has been clearly established that coaching/mentoring or just lending an ear to someone to talk through challenges and problems has become a valuable tool for individuals.

Most of such services are delivered by professionals with many years experience behind them. The dilemma being that knowledge and maturity also bring with it a rather large price tag for the individual. The reality being some younger people may not currently possess the financial means to invest in what could be a great source of knowledge for them in their potential/ future careers.

This is particularly true for university students who may be in the final years of study and will shortly enter the workforce.Similarly for those people who are planning to be entrepreneurs or are on the first rung of the ladder of establishing a business.

Here in Australia, technical abilities are improving at a great rate, but it is essential we add further personal development skills to keep us competitive in a global marketplace.

I raise this issue due to experiences in the course of my activities in 2016 interacting with such people and firmly believe further personal 1-2-1 assistance could be made available at low cost if a commitment is made.

I must point that this is not designed to denigrate or to dilute the efforts of institutions who already provide such services but I believe there is a genuine need for a specific type of personal mentoring. We can achieve improved results to equip people as they enter into today’s complex changing environments.

Focus conversations to be centred on:

Priorities -Applying yourself.
Presenting oneself
Learn how to speak in public

As part of my company’s services in 2017, I intend to allocate some of my time to this activity.


In Australia, unfortunately, we are constantly expressing a great deal of negative sentiment regarding our future next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. I feel it is an obligation for experienced people like myself to try and counteract this and make a meaningful contribution to the education system by assisting in the development of their respective skills. This is based on actual dialogue and conversations held, it is not an emotional reaction on my part rather i am of the belief it makes perfect sense.


1 This is open to anyone who fits the above criteria in my home state, South Australia.

2 Sessions will have a duration of 60 minutes

3 The rate to be charged Aud 60 per person per session ( Obviously as you can see this is not going to make my fortune from or greatly improve my superannuation account lol).

4) Sessions will be held in one location in Adelaide, TBA.

(This is a totally genuine offer, there are no other hidden charges or costs attached with this).

My credentials for performing this work can be seen by visiting my website

Contact me, let us work together!!!