Today we hear a lot of talk about innovation in our organisations mostly these discussions are centred on technical and operational changes. There is another type of innovation that urgently needs to be considered and in our opinion involves the management of companies and people.

With such rapid change occurring in our world in a relatively short space of time it is time to embrace the new challenges that confront business.

Generally for decades Maslow’s Theory has been used working on the principles of obedience, diligence and intellect when discussing human behaviours in the workplace. These factors can be now considered as commodities and can be bought on the open market anywhere around the world, not necessarily enhancing competitiveness.
It is becoming clear that today other factors also need to be considered such as initiative, human creativity and passion which are important in a modern environment. Surveys reveal that only just over 50% of people bring their creative abilities into the workplace causing the inability for companies to grow efficiently and effectively.
The ability to adopt and embrace these new principles including how you engage, collaborate and consult with your people will determine the future success of your business.