Losing your People may mean losing the battle!

As the world comes to terms with the victory of Donald Trump it demonstrates the current unpredictable mood of people not only in that country but across many around the globe. We will have to wait a little longer to discover what are the real implications of his Presidency but what it does prove that past practices and conventions are no longer applicable when it comes to why people make certain decisions.

On the other hand there is a catalogue of evidence that says we should not be surprised at the outcome.

In the past I personally have written a number of articles about what I believe is the central issue surrounding disruption in politics, business relationships and society in general and this is the deterioration of Trust.

The changes we have seen over a twenty year period have brought to many a wealth of riches and a steep rise in living standards but at the same time to others their view has been of a sense of frustration and marginalisation. This roller-coaster ride began its descent around 2008 when the crash of the financial markets exploded around the globe. Scenes of finger pointing towards politicians, large corporations and institutions began in earnest accusing them all of breaking what the population thought naively was a scared bond of trust. Whilst this may have been true a great majority of the population had seemed to have forgotten they  personally benefited from that period too.

This situation carries on today and in fact spread to a breakdown in various relationships in society.

It can’t be left unsaid that the introduction of technology allowing people across the world to express their opinions regardless of truth has been a major factor in changing how we communicate and feel, the power of this development has changed societies in a way once never could have ever previously imagined in our lifetimes.

Although the “Media” constantly deny it, its reach has been able to influence people’s opinions adding to the growing mistrust among the populace. One has to question their motives; is it to serve the public or just sell column inches or on line advertising.

Returning to the USA election if we really examine the reasons Mr. Trump was successful, he skilfully pandered to the frustration of those middle Americans who felt they had missed out of their boom period, the mistrust of politicians in Washington who they accused of sitting idly by as jobs disappeared from their shores, blaming minorities (a sure fire tactic to raise the ire of people as history has unfortunately shown us).

Then of course Mrs. Clinton was seen as part of the establishment and that she was totally untrustworthy after the revelation of her personal email server (even it was proved it was not a criminal offence). This went to heart of the matter in the minds of those voters who perhaps unrealistically thought Mr. Trump offered a way back to a time they once knew, time alone will tell.

Going forward are they any lessons as Australians we might learn from this unprecedented event, I believe there are although it depends whether we are prepared to heed them.

In my own sector of people management in business I am convinced if you lose your people either in spirit or permanently it is guaranteed you will feel a high degree of pain unless you are sensitive to the need to adapt to a more enlightened state of mind?

The loss of Trust has had a catastrophic effect on our relationships across the spectrum and winning it back is a mammoth task possibly beyond us on a global level.

We  need to  work on the principle individually and collectively we can make a difference in our own corner of our world.