Looking for Safe Harbours

One could not fail to agree we are living in tumultuous times across the globe, change is occurring on a daily basis and we are struggling to come to terms with the speed of it. It invades all aspects of our lives no person or organisation is immune from its effects.

Please excuse me, coming from a maritime heritage I tend to use nautical analogies to explain Issues I am dealing with. This is one which I believe is appropriate for our current circumstances.

When violent storms are predicted at sea the captain if possible will elect to steer to the nearest safe haven or harbour till it subsides. He will call on his crew to work as a team to reach their hopefully safe destination.

If you apply this thinking to business we are certainly experiencing stormy conditions in the marketplace and we need the support of people and teams to get through it.

The moral of this story. We hear relentless stories about how ” Our best asset are our people” from organisations. It is only when the odds are against them that statement can be tested.

The visionary organisations who build teams will weather most storms and arrive at a place of calm and safety, the others who do not will likely to flounder on the rocks with souls lost.