Engagement, Change & Culture

Our world has gone through a constant change since its birth, some brought about through Mother Nature’s own will whilst man’s intervention continues to bring change to our planet.

The scale and pace of change have progressively increased over time to the extent today we expect it to occur on an almost daily basis.

It can be claimed that the constant disruption that has accompanied that change has mainly enhanced people’s lives.

Others may claim over a period of time we have lost some key elements of humanity due to the introduction of technology replacing people, together with the loss of trust in our leaders, and our institutions leaving an unenviable legacy.

There can be no doubt we are witnessing deep chasms opening up within our society with declining levels of dialogue occurring between individuals resulting in rising frustration and misunderstanding.

So what is the Intent of Banyan and myself?

To provide services to the individual which will allow them to express themselves, have their story listened too and if possible to offer some guidance if required

The Program is built on four principles:

What is Deep Listening?

Giving the person the maximum opportunity to express themselves and their issues.


Banyan will not enter into sessions without the establishment of an understanding of trust.


Sessions will only revolve about a discussion of practical matters and possible outcomes.

Honesty & Empathy,

For us, honesty is non-negotiable, delivered with empathy.

Career Issues
Building Confidence

Sessions can be arranged by anyone and take the form of one hour or over a period, either in person or online, whatever is the preference of the client.

Please note pricing for each session is being set at a very low level to give people the opportunity to access the service <em.

What are Ken Wood's credentials for performing such work:

It would be quite legitimate for a prospective client to ask these question.

1. Ken has a long history of working with people in business
2. He has a very strong record mentoring a whole range of people
3. He cares deeply for people and their mental health
4. Ken is a fierce defender of his community

“Sometimes all a person wants is an empathetic ear; all he or she needs is to talk it out. Just offering a listening ear and an understanding heart for his or her suffering can be a big comfort.”
― Roy T. Bennett, Author