Listening with Purpose

“Sometimes all a person wants is an empathetic ear; all he or she needs is to talk it out. Just offering a listening ear and an understanding heart for his or her suffering can be a big comfort.”
― Roy T. Bennett, Author

There can be no doubt life has irrevocably altered for a great many of us from the introduction of technology, fading long-held traditions and changed social norms, these changes have occurred at the speed of light with some significant negative side effects occurring.

The Big casualty of these momentous times has been the way and methods we now use to communicate. For all the wondrous innovations and development that are now part of our daily lives, these are somewhat being overshadowed by our inability to continue conduct meaningful conversations face to face.
Issues surrounding deep and complex matters cannot be affected by the use of a mobile telephone, where the emotion of the parties cannot be gauged. The now widely used text message can be no substitute for a physical one to one conversation.

This has serious overall implications for the future of our society. Regardless of the claims that artificial intelligence will take over the human element of life, this clearly is whimsical thinking and we still need to maintain good communication dialogue and skills.
“Our reality: We have stopped listening to other people in a meaningful way, we claim we do but the evidence tells a different story. “Our current form of Listening is superficial and has no depth”.

The consequences for those in our society who need support by talking to someone to discuss a range of problems has narrowed and may be a pointer to the rising levels of mental health problems. Even though some of these personal problems could be resolved by the mere act of giving the opportunity to talk through their respective issues.
The combination of the pace of modern life and the introduction of numerous technological advances have changed the way we interact. It seems we have less time to spend talking and authentic listening to people.

The pace of life is unlikely to lessen as we head into the future and digital communication is a permanent fixture in our lives therefore what can we do to enable better listening skills.
For my part, I am introducing a new service entitled

Listening with Purpose

The aim will be to allow the individual to express their concerns in a trusted, safe environment with a very experienced facilitator regarding possible issues which they are struggling with.
Career Direction
Personal Motivation & Inspiration
Workplace Issues

Ken Wood credentials for performing such work
It would quite legitimate for a prospective client to ask these question.
1. Ken has a long history of working with people in business
2. He has a very strong record mentoring a whole range of people
3. He cares deeply for people and their mental health
4. Ken is a fierce defender of his community