Life Skills-A Common Sense Aproach

I note with interest the plan by the NSW government to introduce life skills into the curriculum for high school students. I know it de rigour to criticise government but this is a wise and visionary move.

In my view, this is long overdue and should be introduced on a national basis including tertiary students.

My opinion has been formed by in recent times working with one of our local universities here in South Australia as a sessional lecturer.

There can be no doubt the standard of education students are receiving is of a very high standard but it is clear the missing piece of the jigsaw is the application of a higher level of life and work skills to enable them to enter the workforce with the appropriate skills.

Recent experiences underlined to me that this gap is extremely wide and needs serious attention in the coming years.

Currently, academic institutions tend to introduce such teachings later in their respective programs and degrees whilst this is commendable in my opinion it does allow for deeper learnings that are required.

Another problem which also restricts the appropriate resources to teach such material from the community and business is the attitude of the institutions with regard to necessary qualifications required before acceptance to apply these subjects.

The possession of a PHD for many universities is a requirement which does not make sense as the persons who are capable of delivering such subjects generally come from backgrounds from business and community. One can understand the need for academic stndards but it also has the effect of ignoring the valuable experience available.

I feel it can be legitimately claimed that this short sighted attitude is that at the expense of better student outcomes