The current economic climate is putting enormous pressure on companies to trim costs and in some cases downsize to ensure the business can perhaps position itself for when an upswing occurs ( and I have no doubt it will).
facilitationKey areas which normally come under the microscope are employment costs and any discretionary expenses which it is thought can be eliminated. One of those expenses is training and development, totally understandable when the organisation may be fighting for its survival but there is a great risk of losing key resources at this time which would harm the future fortunes of an organisation.
As an industry provider I am aware of plethora of programs which are being offered in the market (See my Blog “And Now for Something Completely Different”), the cost of such programs are not insignificant and one can see why employers are baulking at making such investments in their people in these uncertain times.
There is a counter argument which I believe should be considered. Let’s say you have 3-4 managers you rate highly but need further development, you run the risk of losing them to another organisation as they may interpret ate the company’s actions as having a detriment effect on their careers. Hopefully they will have enough awareness to understand these types of actions are essential and are part of the business cycle.
A possible alternative to expending funds on open programs, source an appropriate coach/mentor who suits your needs, contract them for a specific period to undertake internal learning so you can measure results. There is strong evidence this approach gives better returns for both the employee and employees and is a considerably cheaper alternative. The coaching tends to be more practical based and relates to the scenarios present in a specific business. Hopefully new ideas can emanate from sessions.
My taking action the organisation sends out clear signals it values its key employees even when the business is under duress and can enhance the relationship between owners and staff.
In terms of individuals who are self- funded and are eager to continue to expand their knowledge and skills or even require assistance regarding future direction can be accomplished at a reasonable cost when funds are to be used sparingly.
Appointing a coach/mentor is a big decision and you must find one who you feel comfortable with and are confident you will receive good solid advice from an experienced practitioner. Compared with other learning methods this can yield great outcomes at a price you can afford.
To close I might add the world does not stop turning even when we encounter difficulties, we must envision our respective futures.

Ken Wood

Business Interventionist/ People Specialist

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