Our lives have and always will involve change the difference between the ages has been the rate and frequency of significant events.
How we adapt to these situations has had variable results and effects on people.
The vehicle that has been used to help us come to terms with this phenomenon has been the promotion of leadership. From politics to community and business we have embarked on this path in the hope that we can galvanise people in a particular way of thinking.

Particularly in business we have embraced the notion that this approach could be the panacea for the various challenges not only for today but also tomorrow. It has been appropriate that senior leaders have been educated to lead the charge unfortunately the results have not been as successful as one might have thought.

Recent statistics and feedback suggests engagement levels are at the lowest level in the Australian workforce for some time, despite the passionate intentions from leaders and practitioners alike their messages are being diluted with the resultant traction suffering, put simply large majority of people appear not to be listening & believing.

This is been against the backdrop of a number of external events seemingly out of their control such as political , economic, financial instability and most importantly change in social behaviour the combination of which have conspired to create a breakdown of trust between employee and employers .

Similarly politicians and some sections of business could be accused of not adapting to the reality of our situation and persisting with outdated ideology and methods of engaging people. Add the impending retirement of the Baby Boomer generation and we have a powder keg which will inevitably explode in our faces if we do not think somewhat more strategically.
We seem to be high on rhetoric, whenever we are dealing with a difficult situation the call is for leadership which quickly dissipates into no action at all.
In many instances the need for a true and honest fierce conversations is missing, until we address the issue of finding alternative ways to engage people we will continue to struggle.

Ken Wood
People Specialist

Who is Ken Wood?
Ken is a people specialist whose passion is to work with organisations to develop people and especially our managers.